“Hey! You there! You should go on a trip this weekend!” -serendipity

Occasionally, things just work out. You have fate in your favor.

It’s pretty cool when it happens, actually. You get this sixth sense that all of the planets are aligning, and the opportunity falling into your lap is meant to be.

me and derek at the lincoln memorial

For me, all of the planets came together this weekend to get me and my boyfriend on a bus to Washington D.C. Not only did we arrange everything less than 30 hours before departing, but we had the same amount of fun as on this trip as those we’ve planned months in advance.

Although this jaunt was organized last-minute, I reckon the idea began brewing a few weeks ago when I interviewed my friend Andres for this blog. I was completely inspired by his ability to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Guatemala. Personally, I’ve never been a spontaneous traveler – but I admire people who are. His ability to pick-up-and-go struck a chord in me. I want to be more like him. I want to be someone who can take life by the reigns.

So, on Thursday I realized that my boyfriend’s company was closed for Good Friday/Passover and I had no meetings on my calendar for Friday afternoon. Typically I would never ask for time off at the last minute out of professional courtesy, but I decided to see if my bosses would let me take a half day. As luck would have it, they said yes!

Their head nods started the ball rolling. Within a matter of hours we had chosen D.C. as our destination, booked round-trip bus tickets, secured a four-star hotel (at a last-minute discounted rate!), reserved a table for Saturday night dinner, and made plans with friends we hadn’t seen in years. Everything fell into place. It was almost too easy. This trip was meant to be.

me at the white house

With that said, I will follow up to this blog post with another that overviews the monuments and culture we absorbed during our stay. However, the most important lesson that I took away this weekend had nothing to do with history (which is an ever-present theme as you roam the Capital). It was that I CAN go with the flow.


Eliz “I Love Planning” Armstrong.

So if I can pack a suitcase and leap to a new city on a whim, you can too. My boyfriend and I didn’t even use a map or guidebook! We simply brought our smartphones and crowdsourced recommendations from friends. It worked out great. We had a total blast.

In this way, you don’t need to wait around for your next big vacation to soothe your appetite for adventure. No matter where you live, when the moment strikes, keep in mind that you can always hit the road to find the escape you crave.

As the B-52’s say, “roam if you want to!” As I learned over the past few days, serendipity just may help you out.


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