Hi Reader! My name is Eliz and I’m the brains behind this blog.

Eliz [ih-liz] – my nickname for Elizabeth

Perhaps that means you want to know a little bit about me? Okay, sure!

Armed with undergrad degrees in both Marketing and International Business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, I was blessed to land a job after graduation in the media industry. By day, I am an Associate Director at a large media agency in New York City.

However, in relation to the average yuppie my age, my blissful agency life has always corresponded with a comparably lower salary. Keeping up with what I thought my lifestyle should be quickly turned out to be both exhausting and expensive. I soon realized that I needed a change. I had to prioritize.

So, using the money I earned, I decided my #1 passion must come first: travel. I dream about travel. When I’m not traveling, I’m thinking about it. Or reading about it. Or watching shows about it. Travel means a lot to me.

But how do I go on frequent adventures when I have rent, bills, savings, and other necessary expenses to take care of, too? Well, I’ve developed an uncommon but effective approach to personal budgeting. With this method I’ve not only stayed completely debt-free but I’ve been able to save a very healthy percentage of my annual salary. AND I’ve been taking multiple vacations each year since I started working! Not too shabby, right?

Which leads me to welcome you to Means To Travel – a world where I share my thoughts on smart travel as it relates to the part-time vacationer. I hope you’re here because you mean to travel. If so, I want to help you uncover the means to do so.

My mission is threefold:

               1.  Help adventure-seekers optimize every vacation day and dollar

               2.  Guide the budgeting-intolerant towards successful trip planning

               3.  Infect my readers with anticipation for their next escape

My tactics are simple:

               I will share what has worked and I will analyze what inspires me

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!

For reader or press inquiries, please feel free to email me at MeansToTravel@gmail.com

Bruges Bell Tower Staircase


One comment

  1. Nice to have found your blog Eliz. There are many travel blogs with travel stories, destination guides and what not. But few that tell you how one can actually make their travel dreams come true, like your’s! You have a great blog here. Look forward to trying out a few tricks on budgeting and saving 🙂


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